Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free People Fashion Illustration contest

So, as Fall quarter looms, I've been trying to gear up and prepare myself to get back to a more rigorous artwork routine. Free People's blog site is hosting a fashion illustration contest, and I am excited to contribute. Here's my submission.

All the clothing and accessory designs depicted in the image are, of course, property of Free People (one of the contest requirements was that at least one item worn be a current Free People item). This is Micron and Copic Marker on marker paper, with a lil' background tweaking in Photoshop. Here are a couple of other creations from this summer, as well. The top image is a necklace I created, with its focal point being one of the ridiculously adorable vintage cupcake toppers I came across. Vintage chain and various other plastic knick-knacks were also used. The second image is a pen and ink piece I did for fun to accompany a piece I did for Intro to Illustration (wow, over two years ago). I'm not entirely sure that it pairs well with its sister piece, but it was enjoyable to do nonetheless.

Next week = classes.

All images property of Charla Pettingill.

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